No one is born a fencer. Everyone can learn.

We believe the best fencers are not necessarily most athletic but those who can use what they know effectively in any context.

Also, we firmly believe that everyone learns best when they are having fun.


What We Do

We practice rapier, rapier and dagger, and sidesword as described in 16th and 17th century French fencing texts. We train period sword fighting skills with replica weapons in modern protective equipment.

LongEdge Fencing is a member of the growing and world-wide Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) community.


We train Monday nights 7:30-9:30pm at the St David's Memorial Hall, Chelmer. There will be solo and group drills, skill development games and, once authorised, light sparring.

Competition practice may be available before inter-club events depending on numbers and interest.

Classes may also be used to refine our interpretations of techniques from period texts.



  • Per 11 week term $100
  • 5-session card $60
  • Single session $20

Schedule 2020

  • Term 1: 3 February - 13 April
  • Term 2: 20 April - 29 June
  • Term 3: 6 July - 14 September
  • Term 4: 21 September - 30 November